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What is GBFS?

GBFS (General Bikeshare Feed Specification) is an open data standard for shared mobility. GBFS makes real-time information available to travellers to help them discover and use shared mobility services.

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GBFS Guides

Not sure how to approach GBFS? Our team at MobilityData is hard at work bringing you how-to guides and explainers for all things GBFS. Click the articles below to read more! Additional guides and translations are available on the Tools & Services Page.


Read the latest about GBFS on the MobilityData blog page! Click the headline below to read more. Articles in French and Spanish can be found on our blog directly or on the Tools & Services page.

Major Change Proposals

GBFS is continually being modified and updated to reflect the needs of the shared mobility industry. To see what we are currently working on, visit our Major Change Proposals page. To see what we are planning on working on, visit our roadmap at If you have a specific need that is not being met by the specification or by one of these proposals, please do not hesitate to join the conversation at or at

Tools & Services

Looking for GBFS-related software, services, or tools? Over the years, the GBFS community has created a large variety of open source tools that can help you create, edit, validate, and visualize GBFS.

Need More Help?

If you cannot find the answers to your questions by looking at our specification or through any of the tools and services, do not worry! Head over to our FAQ page for a list of Frequently Asked Questions (with answers of course!) and other support.


Looking to learn more about who we are and the history of GBFS? Our About page is what you need.