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Third Party GBFS URL Directories

  • Bike Share Research: BSR aims to facilitate the curation of bikeshare service data through collaborative and open data platforms while making it API accessible.

Archived Bikeshare Data

Proprietary (non-standard) Vendor APIs

  • CityBikes: REST API for aggregated bikeshare data from around the world. Powered by pyBikes.

  • fluctuo Data Flow: Realtime vehicles location API. Exhaustive and reliable standardized data on free-floating mobility services available in real-time.

Software for Creating APIs

  • mapintelligenceagency/gbfsQL: Wraps any number of GBFS feeds into an easily consumable GraphQL API. Merges relevant feeds and supports real-time updates for clients via Websockets/GraphQL Subscriptions.

  • OneBusAway: A Java app that consumes GTFS and GTFS-Realtime (along with other formats) and turns them into an easy to use REST API.

  • OpenTripPlanner: An open source platform for multi-modal and multi-agency journey planning, as well as returning information about a multi-modal graph (using data sources such as GTFS and OpenStreetMap).

  • pyBikes: Software powering CityBikes for worldwide bikeshare system info.


Web Apps

  • Bikeshare Map: Status of all worldwide bikeshare stations.

  • CityMapper Webapp: Webapp with trip planner and route status for over 30 cities.

  • OpenTripPlanner Client GWT: A Google Web Toolkit-based web interface for OpenTripPlanner.

  • OpenTripPlanner.json: A Javascript-based client for OpenTripPlanner.

  • 1-Click: A virtual “trip aggregator” that assembles information on a wide variety of available modes: public transit, private, rail, rideshare, carpool, volunteer, paratransit, and walking and baking. Open-source on GitHub.

Native Apps (open source)

Native Apps (closed source)



GBFS Libraries

  • BikeshareClient: dotnet client for GBFS written in C#. Enables dotnet developers to create apps and services using data from GBFS Bikeshare systems.

GBFS Analysis Tools

  • gbfs R package: Functions to interface with GBFS feeds in R, allowing users to save and accumulate tidy .rds datasets for specified cities/bikeshare programs.

GBFS Schema

  • gbfs-json-schema: MobilityData owned JSON schemas for all existing versions of GBFS (including up to v2.2 and v3.0RC).

GBFS Validators

Other Multimodal Data Formats